White Rails


Our white rails are a simple evolution of the traditional french cleat which would usually be concealed.


We have rounded the top edge making it much more hard wearing and softer on the eye and easier to handle.


The only thing that is fixed to the wall are the rails. The rails define the space onto which the shelves can hung. More rails, more options


The rails are fitted with standard 80mm nail in anchors. The screw heads can be concealed with small plastic caps that are supplied along with the anchors in the installation pack.

The Story

“Tim, we need some shelves.” she said, standing in our bedroom and looking as if I could just click my fingers and shelves would appear. I agreed, but needed time. I didn’t want anything standard. I wanted to do something special for her. After all, she was my wife.

Months later, she stood in that same spot, before the first ‘completely adaptable, modular shelving system with horizontal rails’. She loved it! So did others who visited and soon I was persuaded to consider selling the concept.

In many ways, this was the beginning of my furniture design journey. “Thank you Lauren, for being my muse..”



Size Options

  • 1040mm X 40mm X 16mm
  • 520mm X 40mm X 16mm


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